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Successful Turkey Hunting - John Higley, JJ Reich

Successful Turkey Hunting - John Higley, JJ Reich

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Successful Turkey Hunting Hardcover – by John Higley (Author), J J Reich (Contributor) - Autographed by both authors. Your go-to guide for all things turkey hunting.


Successful Turkey Hunting is based on five years of columns written for the publications of the National Wild Turkey Federation, with a few stories from other publications tossed in the mix. Authors John Higley and J.J. Reich have expanded and updated the articles to fit the format of this book. Included are such subjects as what drives turkey behavior, the importance of calling, how anyone can learn to call, and the part woodsmanship plays. Also included are thoughts on basic equipment and how to deal with a wide range of scenarios encountered while hunting wild turkeys. Featured in many of the columns are such recognized professional turkey hunters as Paul Butski, Ray Eye, Matt Morrett, Alex Rutledge, Eddie Salter, Preston Pittman, Chris Parrish and Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strictland. In articles, seminars, and this book, Higley and Reich have tried to really get into what turkey hunting is all about. It is their hope that these chapters will lead hunters to a better understanding of all phases of turkey hunting, and ultimately result in more successful hunts in spring and fall.