Cheap, Easy and Versatile Trail Cam Mount

Finding a suitable spot to place a trail camera is tough enough without the added difficulties of finding a suitable tree to place your trail camera on. Nearby trees are not always perfectly straight and if you’re like me, you find yourself wedging sticks between the camera and tree to get the perfect angle. There are many commercial camera mounts available for situations like this but most aren’t very inexpensive, considering their simplistic design and use.

After a quick search online, I discovered several easy variations of homemade mounts and using those as inspiration, created my own and the components will run less than $2 at most hardware stores. It only took one visit to my local hardware store and a few minutes at home to create my first, 3 axis, camera mount. I was so impressed with its simplicity that I decided to create a tutorial video to share exactly how it’s done.

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