Amazing! Wild Hen Follows Hunter

I don't think anyone would believe this hunter's story unless he had video proof. Well that's exactly what we have thanks to Bruce Evans of Elberton, Georgia. While turkey hunting, this wild hen approached Evans and then started following him.

"She came in and got close enough to touch, then I moved my finger and she jumped back. She came back in again and then walked off. I got up to move and saw her about 50 yards away when she suddenly ran straight for me and began following." says Evans.

What a great experience this must have been and we all get to enjoy it thanks to Evans and today's mobile technology. The hen followed Evans back to camp that morning and he compiled 7 short video clips of the incredible event and posted them to his YouTube channel. So whatever happened to the hen? Well you'll just have to watch all of the videos here to find out. Enjoy and share!

Part 2 of 7 - Video courtesy of Bruce Evans.

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